Hi and welcome to fateskimo.co.uk

My name is Mike Chappels and I'm a Web Designer from Manchester.
This site is currently under construction but I've built a basic portfolio that you can
view until the new site is launched.

Below are some thumbnails of my recent work.
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City Life

City Life Thumbnail

Love 2 Love

Love 2 Love Thumbnail

Urban Life

Urban Life Thumbnail


Quda Thumbnail

Manchester Evening News

Manchester Evening News Thumbnail

Post Gold Get Cash

Post Gold Get Cash Thumbnail

Alexander Windows

Alexander Windows Thumbnail

Online AD Booking System

Aonline AD Booking System Thumbnail

"I Love Me" Campaign

I Love Me Campaign Thumbnail

M.E.N. Media Corporate Web Site

MEN Media Corporate Web Site Thumbnail

S & B Media Corporate Web Site

S & B Media Corporate Web Site Thumbnail

The Jobsmine

Jobsmine Thumbnail

This is a Test